About Peterson Steel

Our Mission

Peterson Steel Corporation is a full line metal service center located in the northeast. With NO MINIMUM ORDER, PSC has been supplying quality metals to thousands of satisfied customers from coast to coast for over forty years. We have a knowledgeable team of sales professionals backed by several million pounds of inventory in both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We purchase only prime material in large quantities from producing mills all over the world.

The History of Our Steel

We offer a wide variety of metals and materials to make sure you can always find what you need! From carbon steels and alloy steels to Dura-Bar continuous cast iron, brass, bronze and aluminum we’ve got your metal in stock and ready for pickup or shipment on our modern fleet of trucks.

We work with manufacturers and distributors of all sizes, and we do not require a minimum order. Plus, we respond to all business inquiries with real people – not call centers or automated messaging lines. If you need a custom quote for your next metal project, contact us today!

What Can We Help You With?